Drama, Romance,Short
English subtitles

Writer & Director:Venetia Evripiotou
Cast:Youlika Skafida, Giorgos Nikolaidis
Director of Photography:Dimitris Theodoropoulos
Original music:Yiorgos Magoulas
Production Manager:Elena Siampou
A production by:Artes Liberales (Venetia Evripiotou) and Greek Film CenteSYN

Alina Hatson is an extraordinary, passionate, unconventional and inspiring young woman who is never seen without a hat. In fact, she owns an extensive collection of the weirdest and most peculiar hats for all situations. A random meeting following an unexpected disappointment will help her see things in a new light and once again realize that a simple red cap can do so much more than protect you from the sun; it can make you cry, laugh, fly, dance; it can open a door and show you that, in the end, you are the one who chooses the hat of your life!

Η Γιούλικα Σκαφιδά στο ρόλο της Αλίνας Hatson, ενσαρκώνει μια συναρπαστική νέα γυναίκα που εμπνέει, αναζητά, κι επιθυμεί με πάθος. Ένα πρωινό γεμάτο χρώμα, μουσική, εκπλήξεις και, φυσικά, καπέλα –το σήμα κατατεθέν της ηρωίδας- φέρνει στη ζωή της μια συναισθηματική ανατροπή. Τίποτα όμως δεν είναι ικανό να την κάνει να λυγίσει, γιατί ξέρει ότι η ζωή φοράει το καπέλο που εσύ θα της βάλεις.

Official Selections: Sacramento International Film Festival 2014 /USA,Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2014 ,16th Sarasota International Film Festival 2014, Cinematic Arts (Shorts and Micro Cinema) – IFFCA 2014 - Los Angeles/USA,Arts Film Festival 2014 - Jacksonville/USA, 17th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival 2014 - Ankara/Turkey,3d Lugano Film Festival / October 20-27, 2014 - Lugano/Switzerland.

Biography/filmography: Venetia Evripiotou Is a visual artist with an international perspective. Born in Athens, she has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Asia in search of inspiration. She worked mainly in Athens as a creative director for projects of major international brands. Owner and founder of Artes Liberales -Dassera Art Space, an a non-profit production company and an experimental art venue, established in 2008.In 2012 she completed the Greek-Indian co-production of the short film “Counting Happiness”, which was officially selected in more than 30 festivals and won 12 awards and immediately after the production of the movie “Alina Hatson” with the support of Greek Film Center. Her new short film which once again is filmed in India and its titled “Might be” and has been released in August 2014.

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