Drama,Color, France, Greece, 2015
29min 50sec
Director:Konstantina Kotzamni
Original language:Greek
Cast:Felix Margenfeld,
Aggelos Ntanos,
Lucjano Cani,
Haris Fountas,
Hristos Psihramis,
David Szymczak,
Nikos Kassavetis,
Thomas Dimitropoulos,
Constantinos Pattakos,
Nikos Gouvelis,
Aggelos Kaldanis,
Dimitris Xiros,
Panagiotis Rapousis
Effi Rabsilber


The leopard shall lie down with the goat
The wolves shall live with the lambs
And the young boy will lead them

12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore

Η λεοπάρδαλη θα ξαπλώνει με το μικρό κατσίκι. Οι λύκοι θα μένουν μαζί με τα αρνιά. Και το μικρό αγόρι θα τα οδηγεί. 12+1 παιδιά και το κουφάρι μιας φάλαινας ξεβρασμένο στην ακτή. BIOGRAPHY OF THE DIRECTOR:
Born in Komotini, Konstantina Kotzamani is a graduate student of the Film Department of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki. Her short movies have participated in several International Festivals and have gained several awards.
Her film Washingtonia premiered in Berlinale 2014 in the Berlinale Shorts Competition program. Washingtonia was awarded by the Hellenic Film Academy as the best Short Film 2014 and nominated for the best short film by the European Film Academy 2015 (EFA awards).
Konstantina Kotzamani was selected to present her work in Future Frames at the 50th Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2015.
Her last short film Yellow Fieber premiered in Locarno Film Festival 2015 in the international competition Pardi di Domani.
Her latest film Limbo, had its world premiere at the Critics’ Week of the Cannes FF 2016 and has been awarded in several international film festivals (Palm Springs, Curtas Vila do Conde, Sarajevo, Milano etc), while it is nominated for the European Film Awards 2016.

2016 – Limbo (S)
2015 – Yellow Fieber (S)
2014 – Washingtonia (S)
2013 – Morning Prayers (S)
2012 – Arundel (S)
2012 – Zodiac (S)
2011 – Pigs (S)

Semaine de la Critique Cannes 2016 – World Premiere
Palm Springs Shortfest 2016 – Future Filmmaker Award, Curtas Vila do Conde 2016 – Best Fiction Film Award, Sarajevo IFF 2016 – Sarajevo Short Film Nominee for European Film Awards 2016, Athens IFF 2016 - Best Short film award, Best direction, best cinematography, Milano FF 2016- Best Short film award, Tirana FF 2016- Best Short film award

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