Documentary, Sport
1h 10min
Director:Eliana Abravanel
Produced and Written by:Eliana Abravanel
Cinematography and Sound:Dimitris Kasimatis GSC
Editing:Dimitris Peponis
Sound Design and Mixing:Leandros Ntounis
Associate Producer:Despina Pavlaki


Finish Line
A Running Guide to Becoming You Own Hero

Idomeneas is a robust Cretan who runs the Athens Marathon barefoot, wearing a full suit of armor. Andonis is a shepherd who discovered his talent for long distances after he accidentally outran a wolf. At 85, Stelios is the oldest marathoner in Greece. The older he gets, the more races he runs. Every time they cross the finish line, they›re one step closer to their own version of immortality.

Ο Τερματισμός
Ένας Οδηγός για Σούπερ Ήρωες της Διπλανής Πόρτας
Ο Ιδομενέας είναι ένας εύρωστος Κρητικός που τρέχει τον Αυθεντικό Μαραθώνιο ξυπόλητος, φορώντας αρχαιοελληνική πανοπλία. Ο Αντώνης είναι ένας βοσκός του παλιού καιρού, που ανακάλυψε το τρέξιμο κυνηγώντας ένα λύκο. Ο Στέλιος είναι ο γηραιότερος Έλληνας μαραθωνοδρόμος, που μοιάζει να τρέχει πρόσω ολοταχώς προς την αθανασία. Κάθε φορά που περνούν τη γραμμή του τερματισμού, έρχονται ένα βήμα πιο κοντά στον καθημερινό ήρωα που κρύβουν μέσα τους!


BIOGRAPHY OF THE DIRECTOR: Eliana Abravanel is a filmmaker, visual artist and long-distance runner. After completing her studies in Economics and History in England and Greece in the 80s, she went back to school and graduated from the Film Studies department of the New York College in Athens in 2009. Her first feature documentary “Roughcut”, premiered in competition at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2013, shortly before receiving a commercial release. Her latest non-fiction project “Finish Line” is an alternative sports documentary for late bloomers, like herself, who watched their life change with every race.



2008 Cake (fiction short)
2010 The Switch (fiction short)
2013 Roughcut (feature doc)
2016 The Finish Line (feature doc)

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