Original title: To Dentro Ke I Kounia, 2013
(Greece/Serbia), Drama/ Family, English Subtitles
104 minutes
Director:Maria Douza
Written by:Maria Douza
Produced by :Michael Sarantinos and Eleni Atiskbasis
Cast:Mirto Alikaki, Elias Logothetis, Mirjana Karanovic, Nikos Orfanos
Sales Agent:Hellas Film - Greek Film Centre
Screenplay :Maria Douza
Cinematography :Epameinondas Zafeiris
Film editing:Yannis Kostavaras
Art director:Lina Motsiou
Producer:Michael Sarantinos
Co-producer::Vasilios Katsoufis, Zvonimir Simunec
Production:Steficon S.A, Intermedianetwork

Eleni, a professor of cardiology in London, has been estranged from her father Kyriakos ever since she left Greece 15 years ago. One day, after her British husband is posted to China indefinitely, Eleni decides to visit her homeland and make amends with her father. She brings her daughter Anna to Greece for the Easter holiday. But when she reaches home nothing she finds is as she expects. A Serbian woman is living with Kyriakos, looking after his big estate. Kyriakos has been harbouring a few secrets of his own...

Με αφορμή τις πασχαλινές διακοπές, μια γυναίκα επιστρέφει στη γενέτειρά της έπειτα από 15 χρόνια απουσίας. Η συνάντησή της με τον πατέρα της θα έχει απροσδόκητες συνέπειες και για τους δύο...

Director’s Notes:
“Homecoming has been in the centre of Greek thought and culture from the times of Homer. This is the country of Ulysses, the centre of a diaspora nation - ever migrating and ever returning.” Maria Douza

Festivals & Awards:
Montreal World Film Festival 2013, Athens International Film Festival 2013, New York City Greek Film Festival 2013

Maria Douza studied History and Medieval Greek Literature in Greece, and film direction at the National Film and Television School of England. In 1994, she graduaded, with a record of seven short and medium length films. Among them were the awarded films “The Bridge” and “The Island”. In 2003, Maria started writing her first feature screenplay The Tree and The Swing. While in development, the screenplay received the Media New Talent Award, and the Odysseus Best Screenplay Award, but had to wait for some years before being realized, because of the financial crisis. Maria Douza is currently working on new projects “Beautiful City” and “Trapped”

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