Pedro Hasrouny

Samar, a quiet and sweet thirty nine year old florist, stressed from approaching her mid-life crisis years, is revealing her obsession of being lonely for the rest of her life, and her regrets of the things that she has missed out on.



Dimitris Katsimiris

Marios, a young man with cerebral palsy, is waiting for his uncle, with his mother at home, to celebrate together his 22nd birthday. But the arrival of his uncle, with his new girlfriend, will upset the family and create a suffocating atmosphere in the place.

Nadine Asmar

Oum Karim, a 60-year-old Beiruti lady, is used to preparing Lahm Bi Ajin (Lebanese ham pie) once per week.

Miltiades Christides

A woman hides and tries to call for help when a hooded man breaks into her house.

Fly My Love
Eli Salameh

A mother and her son enter a tunnel... Its lights take us on an adventure where we understand the complex relationship between them both... A decision must be taken...

Hala el Kouch

Stuck in a dilemma: between letting it all go or continuing till the very end. Lila, a pessimistic writer, is going through an existential crisis. Trying to find a source of inspiration after completely isolating herself from the world, the twist of destiny leads her to an old metal box. How good would it be to dive into memories?

Mike Malajalian

A young woman becomes anxious at the news of the return of her disappeared husband.

De l’autre cote
Isabelle Zeghondi

Tara, a 20 years old girl, born from a Lebanese Christian woman and a French Jewish man, comes back after 11 years to Lebanon, to her fisherman grandfather, Raymond. The pair will get stuck on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. This is where Tara will begin to see things from another side.

The other
Anastasia Rizou

A serious and snobbish woman, Evanthia, lives alone in an apartment in central Athens and has no contacts with anyone. However, a cold winter afternoon, she will have an unexpected meeting.

Ritta Assal

Linda a virgin woman in her late 40’s who still lives with her mother, decides to finally loose her virginity and experience her first sexual act.

el 3omer killo
Therezia Chalouhi

Throughout a ritualistic trip in a surreal world filled with “auntys”, Hoda overcomes her mid-life crisis that occurred just when her daughter is about to become a mother, and learns to cope with the fact that she’s getting older, without necessarily falling in the trap of overmaterialistic and superficial tendencies, in an attempt to circumvent that fact.

The Birthmark
Méri Charitonidi

“Pregnant women are protected by Saint Simeon. Though, ignorance of his nameday is punished.” The story is told by a woman, the 9th child of an island family, who has been marked by the Saint.

Miguel Daher

A young woman is kidnapped by a man who locks her in a room that he prepared specially for her. After she lost hope of getting away she tries to accept the situation she’s in. Where will that lead?!