Press Release 2017

Georges Scheib, Festival President

Today, as we celebrate the BGFF 10th anniversary, we can look back at how it all started.

The Beirut Greek Film Festival started as an idea, born at a difficult time, in 2006, surrounded by uncertainties; it was a challenge, call it a dream. But after many efforts, with the unconditional support of the members of LLGGU, that had just elected me as President, and the confidence and support that we received from the Embassy of Greece in Beirut, the dream came true in 2008, with the first edition, which we did not dare to call “first”, as we did not know whether there would be any other.

The initiative which started as an effort to bring the Lebanese public closer to Greek contemporary cinema, has developed to become a cultural platform for Greek cinema in Lebanon, thus contributing to enhance the cultural bonds and exchanges between the two countries. Without the support of the Embassy of Greece and the trust of our sponsors, we couldn’t have made it so far. Specially, the appreciation of the Lebanese audience who has been loyal and apt supporters throughout the years.

Today, the Beirut Greek Film Festival is ready to become an entity on its own to expand its yearly activities in the coming years. After ten years of continuous efforts to keep this Festival alive, it was time to move one step forward to launch the first short film competition and take the Festival to a new level by encouraging the cultural exchange between the Lebanese and Greek talents. I would like to sincerely thank the distinguished five member Jury, who heartily responded to our invite and proceeded with the final selection.

Our heartfelt thanks go to H.E. the Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Theodore Passas, to the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, to the Greek Community of Beirut and the Greek Film Center, for their valuable collaboration and support, and to our all our dear sponsors of the last ten years.






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