Since the inauguration of humankind, the rise of the ancient gods, the actualization of the Alphabet forgers, fate had its mode in correlating two of the eldest civilizations of humanity.  

Throughout history, the Dwelling of Zeus and the Cedars’ Land accented an advanced intellectual exchange dating back to early antiquity, six thousand years ago. Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians encrusted amicably this premature liaison through untimely trade and inter-relations support, entitling the interaction era as the Shared Values epoch. The nature and novelty of these prolonged interactions triggered the intrusion of our league, the LLGGU, representative of modern Greek-Lebanese common mindsets. A stimulating vision compelled us drastically with no preservation to incite the mission once originated, with complete aspiration to sustain the mutual interface between those two countries ascertained during times.  

In this course, the LLGGU, ever since it was founded in 1994, has been continuously inducting cultural episodes in both Greece and Lebanon propagating the concept on which it was based. Indeed, these Lebanese Graduates from the Greek Universities compose the beliefs code and outlook junction, reuniting in spirit what physical space have estranged.  

Today, 17 years after its foundation, this not-for-profit society is emphasizing the civilization juncture from the artistic perspective, proudly unveiling the Beirut Greek Film Festival for the sixth year in a row. This distinguished enriching event, connotes the Greek modern Cinematographic techniques and speculations while reviving the golden momentum in the Greek Cinema biography of the late 1950s. From round tables, to film-topics discussions, the sequence of activities stressed within the ceremony, will contribute in expanding the cultural barter and the augmentation of the student’s body familiarity with Greek Art in general, and cinematographic technicalities specifically.

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